Reflections for the workshop titled Power Your Passions & Empathise Your Emotions

    Nishchal Dubey

    Control Engineer - ALSTOM Bangalore

    A two days session on Passion and Emotion helped me to take myself on the track where I became more focused towards my goals. I had a chance to know different personalities and their journey upto now. It helped me a lot to understand myself more, by knowing my strengths and passion. Thanks to MEGA Impact specially for trainers Akbar & Subbey for having me on session- I would love to attend more similar sessions in future as the last one was a great experience.


    Finance Analyst from Shell Business Operation

    Two days training about identifying our passion was a good eye opener. Entire two days were filled with so much of positive energy which helps me in pursuing my passion and become a way of living. Thank you Mega Impact.

    Visalakshi Kannan

    HR Recruiter from Upland Corporate Service

    The sessions were very good. It helped me to retrospect on my way of looking at life. On the whole it was a great learning experience. I personally thank Mr. Subbey and Mr. Akbar for conducting such useful programme.

    Lakshmi Priya


    The training was really helpful in terms of identifying my passion and working it with immense sense of pleasure and satisfaction. The way training went was extremely good. The examples quoted including real life sharing experience, handling with anger are the core areas which I was able to appreciate. Also recognizing that I have a spark in myself and can do wonders if I have real focus on my dreams. Akbar and Subbey are two sides of this golden US DOLLAR facilitators whose inputs were really helpful to understand the dreams in me and how to work on it. I'm working on my passion converting into profession also to breathe my dreams in every moment of this beautiful god gifted fortunate life. All is well.

    Rajesh Visvanathan

    Project Buyer from Valeo

    Two days workshop has helped to differentiate our Passion from profession. It helps to rewind our passion and gives the confidence to keep an eye always on our passion and not to give up while running hard for our profession. Thanks!!!!

    Balaji Venkatesan

    Electrical Engineer from Ghantoot Group, Oman

    That session was really helpful to know about my passions and what was the lagging to achieve my targets. Emotional control session really amazing and still it’s helpful to reach my goals in carrier. Usually I get anger or upset when something happens which I am able to manage better after that session and I’m totally changed now. So, finally its was learning session about our ideas and characteristics.


    Supply chain associate from Accenture

    It was a wonderful experience for the entire 2 days, the title itself is a proof that our passion to achieve something great will get powered up by the words of Akbar and Subbey, I enjoyed the way of interaction which was helpful for me to come out with my opinion and comments Will wish to attend once again..!


    Game developer from Migoi studios

    Attending MEGA Impact’s ‘passion and emotional intelligence’ workshop was an eye opening experience for me.. It made me realise what my passions truly were and how I could channel them to succeed in life.

    TV Ganesh

    Quality Coach from Ford Motor Pvt Ltd

    Feedback: Before I attend the Mega impact, I thought it will create a Giga impact but after I attended the two days session, it has created a Tera impact. Yes, it really brought out my top passions right from childhood days. The workshop shapes me to prioritize my passion. Akbar, please continue your impact to larger group. All the best !


    Senior Control Engineer from General Electric

    It was really a eye opening session of my inner world. The session has enabled me to introspect and retrospect my thoughts and my actions. The session has helped me to identify my priorities in my life and makes me aware about the action need to be taken accordingly. this session has helped me a lot to handle my emotions , which helping me to behave in a better way with my family members, peers and people around me. The 2day session was really awesome. I can say that those two days I have travelled through a TIME MACHINE, which rewinds my past infront my eyes and enables me to plan , think and act for my future.


    Project engineer from GE T&D India Ltd

    I attended a workshop on theme “Passion & Emotion”. Before I attended, I did not know what my passions were. The workshop helped me discover my Passion. In the past, I never used to try out new things. Post workshop, I see a change in myself where I like to try out new things not worrying about failures. And, also I am doing my best both in personal and professional space post attending the workshop. Thanks.


    Associate from Ford Motor Pvt Ltd

    The session was more of self-realisation and awareness of individual's passion and things to be done to follow and accomplish it..

    Hari Kanna

    Senior Systems Engineer from Infosys

    The main take away from program was emotional intelligence which I was effectively apply in workplace. And results were fantastic. Have become an easy-going person among my peers. And is helping me in mentoring my juniors. And now am trying to apply the methods among my family members. Moreover I got people circle around me who are willing to listen and motivate me in every possible way.


    Dy Manager – Training from Ford Motor Pvt Ltd

    I attended the maiden workshop of Mega impact titled passions and Emotions. It was a wonderful 2 day learning experience. I specially benefited from the topic covering Emotions


    Senior Tech Lead from HCL

    One take away for me is to learn how to handle my anger - mainly where I get tensed and angry for silly things. The workshop also made self- introspect on my passions. It was valuable learning.